Try Five Days Of Self-Love By Following These Simple Steps

Treat yo' self.

A little bit of self-love can go a long way. To find out just how far it can actually go, Lucie Fink, the star of the Refinery29 series, Try Living With Lucie, decided to dedicate a whole five days on focusing inward in her latest video called "5 Days of Personal Acceptance and Self-Confidence."

In it, she shows us various ways we can find happiness on a daily basis. 

Follow Fink's five-day schedule below and see how you can help show yourself a little extra love this week.


Day 1: Try positive affirmations, journaling, and meditating

"One of the most important ingredients to self-love is self-esteem," Fink says on day one of her experiment. "Although it's a little awkward at first, standing in front of the mirror and reciting affirmations is a great way to help build and grow that self-esteem."

There are plenty of positive affirmations you can choose from, such as "I am strong," or "I am talented." 

Day 2: Practice intuitive eating.

On Tuesday, Fink met with a nutritionist to learn about the benefits of intuitive eating

"We're all born as intuitive eaters," Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN, tells Fink. "It's tuning into your body, your hunger and fullness cues, your desires for specific foods, your satisfaction, and using those to guide your food choices."

To practice intuitive eating, Fink ignored what society says we should be eating, and listened to what her body really wanted. 

Day 3: Learn to forgive yourself.

"I listed out my top five regrets on small pieces of paper ... folded them up, lit them on fire, and watched them burn away. It was beautiful." 

Fink noted that while this method isn't completely permanent, it's certainly a cathartic way to let go of those anxieties associated with our regrets. 

Day 4: Set a clear purpose or intention for the day.

On Thursday, Fink outlined three intentions to help remain positive throughout the day. For instance, she made a note to stop saying negative things about herself. 

"I think one of the times that we all do that is when we get a compliment and we deflect it. It's almost like the moment someone says something nice to us, we need to shut it down or else it gets really awkward." 

Instead, take in those compliments and embrace them.  

Day 5: Treat yo' self.

For this, Fink wrote down all the things she loves and tried treating herself to them one by one. For example, indulge in your favorite foods, take a hot bath, watch your favorite shows, and catch up with those you love. 

With these practices, go out and try practicing a little self-love today. You deserve it. 

If you liked Fink's video, check out some of her other experiments, such as "5 Days of Taking Classes," "5 Days of No Sugar," and "5 Days of Productivity." 


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