23-Year-Old Shows Us How Easy It Is To Give Up Sugar Without Ruining Your Life

It's not as difficult as you think.

By now, you've probably heard that sugar is killing you sweetly. It's been linked to breast cancer, damage to the cardiovascular system, and contributes to obesity. If you're not paying attention to the sugar content in the foods you eat, you should probably start

Twenty-three-year-old Lucie Fink decided it was about time she did. In her latest "Try Living With Lucie" video for Refinery29, she tried going five days without eating sugar. 

She quickly learned that there's a difference between "good" and "bad" sugar. Fruits have the good kind and candy bars have the bad kind. So, she adjusts her challenge to avoid all processed sugar and eat foods that are low on the glycemic index. 


Cutting out sugar may say sound daunting at first, but Fink shows us some easy ways to make a difference. Instead of purchasing ready-made foods such as oatmeal, she makes her own healthier versions.

Taking your no-processed-sugar lifestyle outside of your apartment isn't that hard either. "If this was last week, I would've had some sort of vanilla-flavored coffee with tons of pumps of sugar. That's about 15 grams of sugar on top of whatever sugary cereal I'm already having for breakfast," she says. "I don't really need to start my day with that type of sugar spike." 

So, she switched up her order to make it better for her body. She drank an iced coffee, with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and some honey. Sounds pretty good, right? 

At the bar, Fink studied the cocktail menu and realized how sugary her options were. Instead of ordering from that menu, she opted for tequila with seltzer and fresh lemon juice.

"Until this week, I honestly didn't think too much about this," Fink says. "But there are so many little, subtle things that I can change about my day-to-day routine to cut back on my sugar intake. As a 23-year-old living in Manhattan, cocktails are definitely a good place to start."

After cutting out sugar, Fink slept better, had more energy during the week, and learned that processed sugar isn't a necessary part of her diet. She can live without it and will live longer for it. 

See how well her no-sugar week goes in the video below:

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