5 Things We Can All Learn From Lucie Fink's '5 Days Of Productivity'

"There's no more pushing it off."

In her Refinery29 series Try Living With Lucie, producer and host Lucie Fink takes on five-day challenges to see what happens when she delves into a world of new experiences. 

Previously on her show, she's tried living without sugar, coffee, or waste, and has tried to incorporate exercise and meditation into her everyday lifestyle. By watching her experiments, we can take away our own tips and tricks to incorporate into our daily lives. 

In her most recent episode, entitled "5 Days Of Productivity," Fink aims to refocus her work and personal routines to become a more productive person. In order to do so, the 24-year-old tries getting more sunlight, utilizing a standing desk, practicing an efficient workout routine, and forming new habits.

Take a look at five things we learned from the video and be sure to watch the entire episode below, too.


1. Standing desks for the win.

To avoid the dangers of excessive sitting and produce more during the workday, Fink tried working with a standing desk. The result? "It is absolutely epic," she says. 

2. We're easily distracted

"I decided to track all of the hours spent in a day," Fink says. "Of the eight hours I spent at work, only five of them were spent actually working." The culprit? Social media. 

So, by turning off her social notifications, Fink was able to get more done at work, get home earlier, and actually enjoy a night out. 

3. A good workout routine is key.

In the episode, Fink chose a new workout class that was both shorter and more efficient than her regular hour-long trip to the gym (aka a win-win). 

"I'm telling you, I worked out in 20 minutes, broke a sweat, felt sore, and then headed off and finished the rest of my day. I really got in a productive workout and it helped kickstart the rest of my day." 

4. Commute is as good a time as any to get things done.

Instead of browsing through old pictures, clicking through your music, or scrolling through social media, use your commuting time to do something productive. For Fink, this meant picking up a good book and doing a little reading on the subway. 

5. Use the one-minute rule.

"I'm setting the one-minute rule for myself," Fink says. "This means that if there's anything that's on my to-do list that can be accomplished in one minute or less, I have to do it immediately. There's no more pushing it off."

Be sure to check out the full video below for more:


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