This Woman Tried '5 Days Of Giving' And Showed How Little It Takes To Make A Big Difference

"So much love and light has been brought into my life and so now it's time for me to give back ..."

In the latest installment of Refinery29's video series Try Living With Lucie, 24-year-old Lucie Fink shows us how easily you can bring happiness to someone else's life this holiday season. 

If you've never seen the series before, Fink takes on a lifestyle change for five days straight and documents her experiences on camera. In the past, she's tried giving up sugar, reducing waste, and spent five days trying different types of classes

During "5 Days Of Giving and Volunteering," Fink challenges herself to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Because this holiday season shouldn't just be about giving presents to your loved ones; it should also be about giving back to your community and those in need.

"This past year has brought me so much joy," she said in the video. "So much love and light has been brought into my life, and so now it's time for me to give back and to share that love with those around me." 

During her challenge, she volunteers at a soup kitchen and animal shelter, visits a third grade classroom to inspire them to make positive lifestyle changes in their lives, and even does something incredibly sweet for her parents. 

She hopes her efforts to spread happiness and volunteer will inspire you to do the same. 


You can watch "5 Days of Giving and Volunteering" below:


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