This High-Tech Headband Might Help You Have More Control Over Your Dreams

We seriously want to try this.

What if you could determine what happened in your dreams? Where you went, who you talked to, and what you did? For many people, gaining control over their dream life involves lots of practice and various methods, but things might just be getting a whole lot easier with a new innovation called LucidCatcher

The LucidCatcher is a high-tech wearable device that can help people lucid dream more easily. 

Lucid dreaming, for those who are unfamiliar, is a dream in which you know you're dreaming. When this happens, you may be able to exert some control over the plot, characters, or location in the dream. Some people are excellent lucid dreamers, while others may only have one lucid dream in their lifetime. But Luciding Inc., the company behind the LucidCatcher, hope to change all that. 

The LucidCatcher is a headband that uses advanced sensor technology used in sleep labs to send low-powered pulses to dreamers' heads through dry electrodes while they're in deep REM sleep. These pulses let them know they're in a dream. So, all the dreamer has to do is put it on before bed. 

"LucidCatcher is based on the idea of neuromodulation – it shifts your brain waves to maximize the effect of different actions - such as the feeling of concentration during the study, meditating, or a lucid dream," the creators wrote on their Kickstarter page. "The brain has the exciting possibility of an assemblage of our mind states by frequencies, designed by the human nature. LucidCatcher extends your intention with a tune of these frequencies, it balances your integration with a practice and complements your work. Think about it as a melody and metronome, which synchronize the tones, temper, and color of the whole ensemble."


The team behind it say that after 500 people tested the LucidCatcher, they found there's a 40 percent chance someone using it will be able to control the plot of their dream. "Insight – the "A-ha" moment of understanding that you are dreaming right now – is typically higher," they wrote

Aside from being cool, research has shown that lucid dreams may help people understand consciousness and its disturbances, provide therapy for recurrent nightmares, and assist in the rehabilitation of motor disorders. The LucidCatcher team promises it's safe. "A lucid dream is no different from an ordinary dream except you can control it. Seeing lucid dreams doesn't influence your brain in a bad way," they wrote on their website

Luciding Inc. is in the process of raising money on Kickstarter to bring the LucidCatcher to market. Backers can currently pledge $350 to get their hands on one. To learn more, check out their Kickstarter page

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