This Kit Helps Teen Girls Feel Prepared And Confident When Getting Their First Period

"Why not celebrate this milestone, like we celebrate proms, graduations, and other ceremonies, with gorgeous style?”

Even after they've had "the talk" with their parents and learned about it in health class, many girls feel unprepared when they get their first period. After Helen Walsh heard this was the case for her friend's daughter, who got her first period at school and wasn't prepared with the supplies she needed, she started to wonder what her own daughters' experiences would be like. 

"I wanted them to be ready for their first periods with a beautiful little kit filled with all the supplies and information they needed, and a heaping helping of love," Walsh wrote on her website. "Then I started thinking about all of us girls and women. Are we taking care of ourselves during our periods with a little pampering and beauty? Or are we running around with Maxi pads in the bottom of our purses, tampons falling out of our makeup bags, panty liners as bookmarks? I'm not going to say I feel blessed by every cramp, but really, there is nothing more womanly than our monthly cycles. And there is nothing more beautiful than being a woman. Even during our periods. Maybe even especially during our periods." 

She believed there was a better way to help girls feel confident when they got their first period instead of confused. So, she started LoveJane, a line of first and monthly period kits and feminine hygiene products.


The period products are all packaged with pretty patterns and fun colors. The kits come complete with all the supplies a girl needs to be prepared for her first period including tampons, pads, feminine wipes, disposable bags, a just-in-case panty, and, most importantly, The Period Book: The LoveJane Guide To Getting Your First Period, "a pretty little booklet filled with information and inspiration about a girl's first period." The booklet helps to remind girls that what they're experiencing is healthy and completely normal. 

"Why not be beautifully prepared? And why not equip our girls to welcome their first period, and every period, like we want them to handle everything in life? Why not celebrate this milestone, like we celebrate proms, graduations, and other ceremonies, with gorgeous style?" Walsh said in a press release. "I'm so excited to launch LoveJane to provide moms and dads a positive way to introduce menstruation and to give girls confidence to be prepared."

The pads are specially designed to fit young girls' bodies and are shorter and thinner than your average pad. They're made to be extra comfortable, with a cotton topsheet and a breathable backsheet. All LoveJane's products are free of dyes, scents, and chemical additives. They are also hypoallergenic, non-toxic, BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free and paraben-free, and never tested on animals. And they're made in factories in China, Israel, and the USA which the LoveJane team promises are "vetted and inspected by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in safety and social responsibility." 

Hopefully, period products like LoveJane's will help combat some of the shame and insecurity that can come along with menstruating. Armed with pretty products and the right information, girls can feel confident instead of embarrassed when they get their first period — and then every other one after that. 

(H/T: Yahoo)


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