Little Girl Gets A Target-Themed Birthday Party Because That's Just What She Wanted

This is so stinkin' cute.

What's that expression: It's my party and I'll decorate how I want to? Maybe that's not quite it, but that's definitely how one young girl's living her life this year. 

In a post shared on the Love What Matter's Facebook page, Emily Mascio details how her daughter, Charlie, wanted a Target-themed birthday party to celebrate her love for the store. 


"She knows when we are on the way, that Target is close and she asks if we can go," Emily explains. "When she was born, she was a 28-weeker and I was struggling with being cooped up inside. I would load her up and off to Target we'd go. I would go one to two times a week just to get out of the house. So maybe she just grew to love it from those early experiences together."

At first, Emily wasn't sure that's what Charlie really wanted for her birthday, adding that she asked her daughter if she'd rather have another theme instead. But eventually, they settled on the Target theme.

Emily says that she made Target symbols to hang around the party, adding balloon letters spelling out "Target" and "cafe." For the "cafe" section of the party, she stocked popcorn, Pizza Hut, and hot dogs — just like one could order at the real store. 

"For dessert, I made her Target cake and then just made chocolate covered pretzels and Oreo s... For party favors, we did a 'dollar spot' I had a toy bin with bulk items and our local Target was so nice to give us checkout bags and stickers for the kids. So they grabbed them and went 'shopping.'"

"Isn't it amazing how it's the smallest, simplest things that make our kids happy? You're an amazing momma to let her be so different and the look on her face says it all. I hope she had an awesome birthday!!!" one person comments on Facebook. 

Emily adds that her daughter was "in awe" of the party, and from the looks of the photos, we understand why. 


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