His Mom Gave Him Money For Being Good, But This Young Boy Decided To Give It To Firefighters

"Can we give these to those guys?"

When one young boy had $5 to spend at Walmart, he decided to offer it to some heroes instead. 

In a post shared on the Love What Matters Facebook Page, Summer Aldridge explains how she and her son, Dawson, were at Walmart when she told Dawson he could spend $5 after their shopping trip if he behaved. When the time came, Dawson asked to get himself a drink and a candy bar. But afterward, he had a change of heart. 

"After getting his stuff, I saw him look back. Dawson put back his treats and brought me an entire little box of Tic Tacs and said, 'Can we give these to those guys?'"

Summer writes that he wanted to give the Tic Tacs to a group of firefighters in uniform — and that's exactly what he did.

"He used his own $5 to buy them candy, and handed it to them. They were so nice — just hugging him and asking him what he wants for Christmas. He said, 'I wanna be a firefighter for Christmas!' They all laughed and said, 'We have room for you buddy; we can give you an application now!' I am so proud to be his momma," Summer adds.

Attached to the post are three photos of Dawson, the Tic Tacs, and Dawson with the firefighters.


"This just melts my heart! Your son is obviously living by example, meaning his upbringing is on the right path. Our first responders don't get enough credit, but your son did something so special and that made them have happy hearts," one person comments on the post.

"This is how we change the world. One momma who teaches lessons of kindness at a time," another adds.

After sharing her story, and receiving positive feedback from the online community, Summer took to the platform to add: 

"His daddy and I are trying so hard to raise him and his little sister right! I don't want to raise them to handle a cruel and heartless world, I want them to make the world less cruel and heartless. Not for anything other than to show his kindness all over the world. The world needs more of this!!"

This isn't the first time a child has made a generous donation to those who deserve it. Earlier this year, an 11-year-old girl used her allowance to buy breakfast for officers of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, for example.

You can check out more of Summer's story in the full post below.


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