Family Surprises Grandpa With The Gender Of Their New Baby For A Special Reason

"Everyone we knew kept this from him."

When it comes to baby gender reveals, families are getting more and more creative. Some have cut open a cake to reveal a particular color, others have used blue or pink balloons, and one family even staged an over-the-top rube goldberg machine that ended with a pink color flip

But in a recent video posted to the Love What Matters Facebook page, one family decided to conceal the baby's gender from its future grandfather until the very last minute. 

In the post's caption, Carie B Elbe writes that her father is the only boy of three siblings in his family, and he has three daughters and two granddaughters. So when Elbe found out she was having a boy, she decided to surprise him, maintaining that the baby would be a girl, until she gave birth. 

"His grandson came on his birthday, and sharing his name, Landry James," Elbe writes. "Everyone we knew kept this from him, and as you can hear from the video, even his 4 and 5-year-old granddaughters who are yelling 'we keeped [sic]  a secret from you!' The onesie he is wearing says 'FYI: I'm a boy!'"

The video shows what happens when Elbe's father finds out it's a boy.

"No way," he says. Putting his hands over his face. "Oh wow."


Cover image via Shutterstock I Qualivity


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