At A Grocery Store In Australia, One Woman's Act Proved That Kindness Is Contagious

"And no matter what happens when they get older, they need to be kind."

Pretty much any time is a good time to do something nice for a stranger. And sometimes, that small act can start a chain reaction of goodness that spreads. 

That's what Angela Henderson, of the blog Finlee and Me, found out after a recent trip to the grocery store. Henderson, who tries to perform a random act of kindness every week, wrote about her experience on the Love What Matters Facebook page. In her post, she detailed what happened after she offered to pay for a man's groceries. 

"He thanked me and said that he's 89 years old and doing OK. His wife died last year and also he lost four other family members last year. He thanked me for my random act but insisted he pay for his own groceries. His final words were: 'most times I'm the one taking care of everyone; thank-you.'"

Henderson explained that the line behind her started to grow, but everyone remained patient. Then, something unexpected happened — Henderson's act of kindness ignited a chain reaction. 

"Every time Chloe [Henderson's 4-year-old daughter] and I go shopping we stop and look at the flowers," Henderson added. "We admire the different color combinations, smell the different ranges and talk about what craft we could do with the flowers. It's our bonding time and I like to think we're creating childhood memories." 

While they admired the flowers, another lady approached them and offered to buy her a bouquet.  

"'I overheard what you said to that man and I now would like to buy you flowers because the people need good people like you. So please choose any bunch of flowers you'd like.' "

Finally, Henderson noted that despite the negativity in the world, she's determined to show her children all that is good. She also wants other people to continue to spread kindness, no matter how small the gesture.

"Not all people are bad. And no matter what happens when they get older, they need to be kind. Kind to their partner, kind to their family, kind to their friends and kind to the world in general." 


Other people are commenting on Henderson's post about random acts of kindness they've experienced, too.

"An older gentleman once bought my daughter a candy bar. She was 2 at the time. His wife had passed and his children and grandchildren didn't live in the area. My daughter was the age of his youngest grandchild and wanted to do something for because he couldn't for his own," one person wrote.

"I work in a hospital and try to say good morning or hello to everyone I see ... especially the elderly," another added.


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