Blogger Has Everyday People Model In Front Of A Mirror To Help Them See The Best In Themselves


The mirror can be a scary thing for people who don't feel confident in their own skin. It forces you to see yourself the way other people do, and that isn't easy.

Jes Baker of The Militant Baker, photographer Jade Beall and the team over at The Body Love Conference, an event focused on helping people love the skin they're in, teamed up to create a way for people to confront the mirror head on, and walk away from it feeling stronger. Thus, the #LovetheMirror series was born. 

Baker explains on her blog why mirrors, though superficial, have a weighty significance:

Our bodies are installation art that we curate publicly. Our bodies are our personal bookmarks in the world. Our bodies are magnificent houses for everything else that we are.  Our bodies are a part of us, just like our kindness, talents, and passion. Yes, we are so much more than our outer shell, but our outer shell is an integral part of our being too. This is why loving the mirror is critical for complete and total self acceptance. 

To execute their concept, Baker and the crew found models from the Tucson, Arizona area and asked them one important question: Why is loving the mirror important? 

As they spoke, Beall snapped away, capturing the models' personal statements about how they felt. Their responses were then overlaid on the photos.

"I just remember leaving the interviews in tears," Baker told A+ in an email. "I could see so many scars and hard knocks. So many mountains that had been scales and barriers overcome. And there was so much strength. Strength and hope. I left there feeling like I knew nothing, and had everything to learn."


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