Teens Adorably Describe What It's Like Being In Love

"I really do think she's the one."

At the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair in Dudley, North Carolina, teens couple up for a night on the Ferris wheel.

"You either come here with somebody as friends, or you come here to be exclusive," a curly-haired girl says in the short film Love Is In The Fairshot and edited by Kelly Creedon, Callaghan O'Hare, and Sami Jorgensen. 

In the film, teen couples discuss how they met, best practices for courtship and dating, and how they would describe love. 

"I try to be as nice as I can, but awkward at the same time," one boy says. 

"Scream on the ride so he could grab you by the waist, or hold your hand," a girl adds.

But perhaps the most endearing part of the film comes when the teenagers talk about love: what it feels like, what they love about one another, and where they see their futures.


"I love her smile, she likes my eyes. We haven't said the 'love' word yet, but I think we will soon."

"Love is when, like, you think about them 24/7, I guess."

"It's like going on a really big tower roller coaster and dropping down," a girl, on her first date with an Instagram crush, says.

"You get that tingly feeling. Even if you've seen him for like a thousand times. [There are] butterflies in your stomach."

"We got in trouble in school for kissing, but you know, things like that are memories. We know that we're young, and we have a lot of things ahead of us...[but] I think we're going to stay together."

"I really do think she's the one."

Throughout the film, twinkling with imagery of rides and youthful eyes, teens in all different types of relationships are interviewed. While a few seem to have been dating for awhile, others have just met, and some are just friends.

Overall, it's sweet, it's simple, and it's a beautiful reminder of what it's like being young.

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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