They Were Asked To Show Their Love While Behind A Huge Monitor Only To Reveal Themselves Later

"Love has no labels."

As human beings, no matter which paths of life we come from, we all are entitled to love. The sort of love that is celebrated and not judged.

"A lot of us make snap judgments based on what we see — whether it's race, age, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability. Yet most of us aren't even conscious of our prejudice. That's why it's called implicit bias," explains the website of Love Has No Labels, a campaign launched by Ad Council with the aim of opening our eyes to diversity.

To put things into perspective, the crew behind the campaign decided to carry out a little experiment.


People were asked to show their love for one another. Be it by kissing, hugging or dancing.

All of this while behind a huge X-ray screen.

Judging by the looks of passersby, they were intrigued.

But when participants revealed themselves...

... it was NOT what the audience was expecting.

At all.

Watch the entire video below. We really don't want to spoil this for you.

Awww. Our hearts are melting. Can differences in each and every human being be celebrated in a more heartwarming way?

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