London Man Counters 'Punish A Muslim Day' With Love (And Cake)

"FYI I'm very partial to coffee and cake."

After an anonymous campaign sought to provoke hate against their community, Muslim activists in the U.K. are responding with love. Last week, police opened an investigation into letters that were sent to individuals encouraging them to commit violence against Muslim on April 3rd, or what the letters referenced as "Punish A Muslim Day." When the Muslim community heard of the incident, members released their own campaign for the same day, but titled their event "Love A Muslim Day."


Envisioned by Shahab Adris, an activist from Leeds, the event is being largely circulated on social media. Adris' edited letter mimics the point system from the initial campaign, in which various amounts were assigned to specific acts against the Muslim community, but his includes things such as 10 points for smiling at Muslims, 25 points for buying Muslims cake with coffee, and 1,000 points for raising funds for organizations working in Iraq or Syria. 

"Some of the responses I've seen from the Muslim community have been really positive," Adris told the BBC. "But the most remarkable thing has been getting responses from people who are not Muslim, saying they will do something with a Muslim colleague."

The original Islamophobic letter was sent to individuals in London, Yorkshire, and the Midlands, the BBC reports, including four South Asian members of Parliament. 

Adris, who works for Muslim Engagement & Development, an organization promoting political and social engagement and countering Islamophobia, said that the day could really be about loving a Jew or an atheist or a Christian, so long as communities are coming together

"It's crucial to rid our society from anti-Muslim popular attitudes and the best way we can do this is by engaging and enjoying each other's company," he told HuffPost. "There is so much we can learn from each other and together we can make our communities a more welcoming and tension-free environment."


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