You Will Never Guess Where These People Go To Ride Their Bikes

Every biker's dream come true.

Riding bikes on the ground is so 2014. 

If you really want to keep up with the latest trends, book the next flight out to Louisville, Kentucky and head to the world's largest indoor bicycle park located in an abandoned limestone mine 100 feet below ground.

Watch these guys shred some jumps on this jaw-dropping underground track.


The bike park, which is part of the Louisville entertainment center Mega Cavern, opened to public on Monday and immediately sold out its first hundred tickets, Louisville's Courier-Journal reports.

And no wonder. It spans over 320,000 square feet and includes 45 trails for all sorts of extreme sport fanatics:: jump lines, pump tracks, slalom, BMX, cross country and single track. The best part? Its availability doesn't depend on the weather as it has a pleasant 60 degree temperature throughout the year.

The cavern where the bike park is located is about 85 years old and was originally used to mine limestone.

The owners of the Mega Cavern covered the entire 320,000 square feet area with dirt, built trails and created stunt courses.

It is almost impossible to comprehend how massive the site actually is, according to some of its visitors.

To learn more about the park, please visit Mega Cavern's website.

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