See The Incredible Moment A Louisiana Woman And Her Dog Were Saved From A Sinking Car

A heroic rescue in the midst of a terrible flood.

Louisiana faced devastating floods over the weekend, with Gov. John Bel Edwards declaring a state of emergency and calling the situation "unprecedented." The Weather Channel reports that by Sunday morning the Amite River had risen to 4.7 feet above its previous record in 1983.

At least four people have reportedly died in the floods, while more than 20,000 people and hundreds of pets have thankfully been rescued.

One of those rescues, that of a Baton Rouge woman and her dog, was caught on video. The two of them were trapped in her car as it quickly sank into the flood waters. In the video, she can be heard calling to her rescuers, who attempt unsuccessfully to break the car's back window from an emergency boat.

As the car continues to sink, rescuer David Phung forces the roof open and leaps into the water. The car becomes fully submerged, but he soon pulls the woman to the surface.

"Get my dog," she repeatedly says before offering to go down herself.

At first, Phung doesn't think he can reach the animal. But seconds later, after another dive under the water, he emerges with her in his arms. "I got your dog," he tells the woman.

The three of them, apparently unharmed, begin to swim toward the boat.

Stories such as this one are a heartening reminder of the incredible bravery and kindness that so often manifest themselves in people even in the most tragic of circumstances.


Witness the amazing rescue in the video below:


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