Lost Toy Adventures Through The Airport While Waiting For His Owner To Find Him

"Don't mind me."

Stuffed animals are very precious toys.

So when 6-year-old Owen Lake accidentally left his stuffed tiger at the Tampa International Airport, heartbreak was on the horizon — especially since the toy wasn't just any ordinary stuffed animal. He was custom-made by Lake's grandmother to resemble Hobbes from the famous "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip, according to Tampa Bay Times. 

Thanks to airport staff, however, Hobbes was not only found safe and sound, but Tony D'Aiuto, the airport operations center manager, took the toy on an adventure throughout the airport.

From visits to the operations center and out onto the tarmac, D'Aiuto cleverly documented and photographed every step of the way on the airport's Facebook page.


"Broken toilet at Airside E? We're on it!"

"Checking out the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower. Looks like a storm's rolling in!"

"Just helping this guy deliver some luggage at the Marriott. Don't mind me."

"How do they keep these planes so shiny and clean?"

D'Aiuto turned the photos into an adventure book for the little boy when he returned with his family to the Tampa airport to reclaim Hobbes. 

"Owen really loves him. He's special, and we are so thankful for the airport and what they did," Owen's mother told Tampa Bay Times.

(H/T: GoodNewsNetwork)

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