L.A. Teachers End Strike After Reaching A Deal

The strike drew national attention.

Los Angeles teachers have ended their six-day strike after coming to a deal with city leaders.

The teachers drew national attention for going on strike after they hit the streets and made a public display of the need for salary increases. City leaders offered more than 30,000 teachers a six percent raise, more staff and fewer students in each classroom, according to Reuters. Their offer brought the strike to an end.

After news of the deal broke, teachers took to the City Hall steps on Jan. 22 and began singing "We Are The Champions." 

"We have seen over the last week something pretty amazing happen," Alex Caputo-Pearl s, the president of the United Teachers Los Angeles, said. "We went on strike in one of the largest strikes that the United States has seen in decades."

Cover image via Karl_Sonnenberg / Shutterstock.com

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