Los Angeles Needs A Graphic Designer, And This Hilariously Awful Ad Proves It

Now this is a creative way to get people's attention.

Apparently, the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department is on the hunt for a new graphic designer and its hilarious job advertisement is sure to inspire some new candidates.

In a post shared on Twitter and Facebook, the department shared a photo with text that reads: "The City of Los Angeles is now hiring [a] graphics designer." But it's not the message that stand's out ... it's the design.

The city created an ad to look like something we all could've created using an unsteady hand and Microsoft Paint back in the '90s. There are even a bunch of colored-in rectangles for decoration, a messy graphic of the city's seal, and a presumed start date and salary written in (gasp!) Comic Sans. 


Naturally, people have been quick to respond with their own witty messages on Twitter:

It's unclear if the city has found its next graphics designer yet, but we're pretty sure it'll have some qualified people itching to help in no time. 

(H/T: Laughing Squid


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