A Blatantly Racist Letter Was Sent To Their Family. Their Neighbors Stepped Up To Show Support.

A racist act brought the community together.

"Find the town where there are more people like you," read one of the lines in a letter Ronica Copes reportedly received at her home in Lindenhurst, Long Island. 

Copes says she was disappointed to say the least when she found a letter in her mailbox asking her and her family to leave Lindenhurst because they're Black. The typed letter declared that the community was 84 percent white and that the Copes should leave as soon as possible.

"I was very disappointed," Copes told PIX11. "Very disappointed, frustrated, angry, afraid, you know because not knowing who it's coming from."


Copes shared the letter on Facebook and afterwards called the police.

She and her family weren't the only ones disappointed by the letter. 

Community members, the mayor and deputy mayor of the Village of Lindenhurst and commenters on Facebook all expressed their support for the family and condemned the racist letter. 

According to the PIX11 interview, the family has lived in their Lindenhurst home for nearly two years. After the receipt of the letter, a number of their neighbors sought to show the Copes family that it was not representative of the community as a whole, including 10-year-old Samantha Sullivan, as CBS News reported

Sullivan brought the Copes family balloons and flowers. She explained to CBS why she reached out to the family. 

"To not feel like not everyone doesn't want them here," she said. "Like a lot of people do want them here." 

Mayor Thomas Brennen and Deputy Mayor Michael A. Lavorata of the Village of Lindenhurst also visited the Copes home to express their disappointment in the letter. 

"We basically wanted to let the family know that this is not the sentiment of the Village of Lindenhurst," Mayor Brennen told PIX11. "That we're behind them one hundred percent. Anything we can do for them, to please let us know."

Copes' decision to post the letter to Facebook perhaps helped raise awareness that such acts of overt racism that still exist.

The Suffolk County police hate crimes unit is currently investigating the incident, CBS News reported. Meanwhile, Copes wants the community to know that she's not going anywhere. 

"We won't be leaving Lindenhurst. And if we do, it won't be because of this letter."  

(H/T: Essence)


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