Long-Distance Couple Stays Close By Skype-Cooking Once A Week

This is so sweet.

Redditor melodyamypond of Gainesville, Fla., demonstrated how two of the best things in the world — commitment and food — help her and her boyfriend, who lives in Chicago, to feel close to each other despite the geographical difference between them.

In a warm post in the food subreddit, the Floridian shared how the couple has set aside time to cook a meal and eat together over Skype once a week.


She shares the delicious details here:

The couple has been apart since May.

In a comment on the original post, melodyamypond offers this bit of advice for those who are in LDRs.

"Enjoy your time together! It will be very different during long distance but that absolutely doesn't mean it will be bad! Just more work when your separate lives get in the way. Be sure to get some you two time in, whatever it is you like to do together."

It may be hard to imagine, but there was a time when long-distance relationships were maintained by letters, or later, telephone calls that often proved quite expensive over a short period of time. Having the ability to actually see your significant other and sit down and share a meal with them isn't something that should ever be taken for granted. 


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