Bill, 95, Calls Into Radio Station Because He Felt Lonely. They Responded With The Most Heartfelt Invite.

"I listen to you every day."

A 95-year-old named Bill told Alex Dyke, the host of BBC's Radio Solent's mid-morning show, that he listens to the broadcast every day.

When Bill called into the station one morning, he explained to Dyke that he and his wife married last year.

"We knew each other for 30 odd years and she needed a carer and I took over the role of carer," he says in a video uploaded to the radio's Facebook page. "Then it became so involved we decided we'd get married."

But unfortunately, Bill says that his wife fell, and after time in the hospital, she ended up in a nursing home.

"I go down and I visit her every day," Bill added. "You've got no idea how sorry I am."


Recognizing that Bill needed a little pick-me-up, Dyke invited him into the station for a cup of coffee — and a hug.

"What do you do when someone tells you they're lonely? Invite them round for coffee," BBC Radio Solent tweeted.

The two exchanged hugs and had conversation over coffee, which led Bill to flash a much-needed smile.

24 hours later, Bill came back on the radio for a check-in with Dyke. 

"Good morning Alex! I'm absolutely overwhelmed. It was such a wonderful day yesterday," Bill said with lifted spirits. "I went to bed last night and I laid there and I was just thinking a bit [about] all the response we got yesterday."

Bill also says that he feels much better now than he did before his visit.

Additionally, Dyke explains that people have been flooding his inbox with messages about Bill's story, to which Bill responded quite positively.

"You Bill, have touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people, and that is not an exception," Dyke says.

"Good God. I went to the nursing home yesterday, and I told my wife, and she just couldn't grasp it. She was so amazed as well," Bill responded. "I'm so grateful."

Be sure to watch the full video below and send plenty of positive vibes Bill's way.

(H/T: Mashable)


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