A Stranger's Generosity To A Homeless Dad Turns His Entire Life Around

Keep the tissues nearby.

James Moss wanted to do what was best for his infant son, Zhi. That's why Moss and his son moved to Denver, so that he could provide a better life for him. Moss grew up in a household where his Dad was never there for him, and he didn't want that for his son.

"Everything I do is for him," Moss said in this YouTube video. "I want him to experience things that I missed growing up."

Denver seemed like the perfect place for Moss and his son. Before arriving there, Moss had a job and housing arrangements lined up. However, upon arrival in Denver, the housing arrangement fell through.


Moss and his son were homeless, but they still had hope.

"I guarantee in a month's time, I'll make anything I need to happen, happen," Moss said in this YouTube video. "You have to be brought down to your humblest point so you could appreciate other things that are waiting for you."

His luck changed when he met philanthropist Leon Logothetis in the streets of Denver.

Logothetis is filming a Youtube series called #GoBeKind, in which he spreads random acts of kindness by rewarding deserving people.

Moss, who'd sacrificed everything for his son, was deserving to say the least.

Logothetis interviewed Moss and asked him to offer advice to those in a similar situation.

His advice: "Keep going."

Moss added that his infant son and the fusion of meditation and prayer have kept him going.

Logothetis thanked Moss for sharing his incredible story. As a reward, he gave Moss $1,000 and a free stay in a hotel for an entire week.

An emotional Moss hugged Logothetis when he heard the news.

The viral video inspired a woman to start a GoFundMe campaign for Moss and his son. Nearly 1,200 strangers donated over $36,000 in just a few days.

Watch the full video:

(H/T: Fox 31 Denver)


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