Guy Does Surprise Splits All Over The City And People Can Barely Handle It

Umm ... HOW?!


Say hello to Logan Paul.

As you probably can tell by the photo above, this 20-year-old Vine star is pretty damn good at doing splits in the air.

Yeah. Fine. He's pretty phenomenal at splits in general.

But what's the point of having such a brilliant skill if you can't mess with people a little, right?

Just a couple of days ago Logan uploaded a video on his Facebook profile and it has taken the Internet by storm. The title of it, "Splitting New York," is pretty self-explanatory.

Yep, you got it. In the video, Logan walks around New York city doing surprise splits in the most unexpected places, capturing passersby reactions on film. And they are everything we ever hoped for.

You reckon he's just chilling like that for no reason?

WRONG. Obviously ...

... because he literally just drops. In a split second. Get it?


Watch the entire video below to see his crazy splits skills.

You might want to turn your sound up. The music is pretty spot on.

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