Some Drunk Guy On The Street Wanted To Sing With Him. But He Didn't Expect Him To Sound Like This.

So unexpected.

Usually when you get stopped by a random drunk person on the street, you can expect to be annoyed by nonsensical ranting or some other unsuitable behavior. 

But once in a blue moon, that rando drunk might actually contribute something meaningful to your otherwise sober evening. For singer Logan Afyouni, that's precisely what happened when he came across a drunk person (who coincidentally resembled Robert Pattinson from the side) after performing a show.  

The video begins with the words: "On my way home, I got stopped by some random drunk guy who insisted I pull out my guitar from its case and sing with him. He asked me to teach him a song, so he could sing along with me." 

What happened next was totally unexpected, because the guy actually had some legit pipes on him. 


Check it out:

The song they sang is called "Caroline" by Noah Gundersen, and they do it ample justice. 

The video was posted in 2012 by a friend of Afyouni's with the caption: "This is honestly the most beautiful thing I've ever heard." And many agree, as the video has been viewed more that 870,000 times, and is trending on Reddit once again today. 

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