Boyfriend Sends His Future Wife A Fake Children's Book To Read To Her Class. Little Does She Know, He's Written Their Ending.

"He gave her a smile and he asked..."

Elsa Cremer, a teacher, picked up "Bobster the Lobster," a children's book, and began reading to her preschool class.

"Bobster got down on his lobster knee... He moved in close, he gave her a smile, and he asked..." she read.

But when Cremer turned to the last page, it was empty.


In one of the most clever wedding proposals we've seen all year, Cremer's boyfriend, Joe Graceffa, wrote a fake children's book and sent it over to his girlfriend's class.

According to a video of the proposal, uploaded to YouTube, Cremer got a call from her boss asking her to read "Bobster the Lobster" on camera to her students.

"They told me the book I'd be reading was written by a friend of theirs," the caption on the video reads. "What they didn't tell me was that their 'friend' was my boyfriend... and that he had written and illustrated the book with a surprise ending just for me."

Graceffa even left a few hints right under Cremer's nose (which, evidently, she didn't notice): the author and illustrator were named "Ivan Yutusayez" and "Hope Tizworks" respectively.

"I was really nervous that she was going to read those names to the kids and catch on before she opened the first page," Graceffa told "Inside Edition." "But she had no clue. She says she was nervous because she knew she was on film, so she wasn't even processing what she was reading."

At the end of the book, Cremer appears confused for just a moment before a real-life lobster appears in the distance.

And, of course, the lobster gets down on one knee. 

See how this fairytale ending turned out below:

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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