YouTuber Liza Koshy Is A Shining Example Of How Relationships Can End Healthily

"Time isn't always on our side, but when it is, it feels right."

Dealing with breakups can be hard — but famed YouTuber Liza Koshy has some advice for those going through it. 

Earlier this month, Koshy and her boyfriend, fellow YouTuber David Dobrik, announced their split on YouTube. The viral video, which collected over 35 million views, was a pretty unique look into how relationships can end in an amicable and healthy way. Though the two split, they said they'd remain friends, just not romantic partners. The video serves as an example to us all that it is possible to have healthy ends to our relationships that don't quite work out. 


In an interview at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Koshy said she couldn't believe how much support the couple received.

"David and I were blown away by the response ... we didn't know that many people cared," Koshy told the interviewer. "It was just a mental and emotional and literally physical — I was crying, I was a hot mess — it was a big release for me. And I think for him too, to allow us to just be individuals and be ourselves and be independent and be able to feel like we can grow." 

But perhaps most importantly, Koshy then goes on to explain the aftermath of the breakup and the ways in which she's staying healthy and positive. 

"We're still best friends," Koshy said. "To be able to maintain that healthy relationship I just hope is an example for other relationships — younger or older — that you can be friends. And you can be healthy. And you can end things because of time. Time isn't always on our side, but when it is, it feels right." 

Koshy's notes about timing is echoed by relationship expert, Kate Galt.  "... While friends may try to tell you it's 'about time' you got back into the dating scene, listen to your heart and trust your judgment," Galt told A Plus earlier this month. "As anyone who's gone through a breakup will tell you: it's a marathon, not a sprint. So cut yourself some slack if it's taking you longer to process your emotions than you expected. After all, one perk of being single is not having to worry about sticking to anyone else's schedule — except your own." 

Galt also recommends getting out into nature, making new friends, journaling, talking through it, and meditating.

Koshy said she personally uses meditation as a coping mechanism, and does it for about five minutes a day to feel good. 

We love that Koshy is promoting healthy ways to get through a breakup, especially given her large platform, and we hope that her message helps others going through the same experience,s too. 


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