A Fitness Trainer Was Bullied About Her Outfit Choice. She Nailed The Comeback.

Truly a tour de force.

A fierce 31-year-old fitness instructor is using her experience of being bullied at a friend's wedding to jumpstart a social campaign about spreading kindness.

A few weeks ago on a 90-degree day, Liz Krueger sported a strapless mini dress to a wedding ceremony. Although it was not a black tie affair, and she did not wear the dress to the church, Krueger said that the wedding guests mocked her outfit choice.

In an Instagram post, Krueger detailed how one guest slapped her butt as others teased her.

"Someone spilled a beer down my arm and there was no apology given," she told Us Weekly. "Not sure if it was intentional, but it was done. The looks and stares continued after that, and I felt so unwelcome and embarrassed."

Although Krueger wrote on Instagram that she had a fun night, the bullying eventually became too much to handle.

"I'm one of those people that's pretty strong. I'm someone when I don't feel comfortable I can usually stick it out but it was to the point where I was like I don't want to be here anymore," she told PEOPLE. "Especially after the incident happened, I was just ready to go."

She posted a photo of her dress — and her story — to social media to send an inspiring message about standing up to bullies.

"People deserve respect, no matter what they are wearing," she wrote on Facebook. "Stand up for yourself. Don't be a quiet lamb. Be confident. Be strong."


After Krueger's post went viral, she announced on Facebook a new campaign to promote "the importance of treating each other with kindness."

Krueger also said that she is looking to partner with organizations in order to spread kindness. In the mean time, she is drumming up support with her hashtag #KruegerKindness.

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