13 Ridiculously Clever Liz Climo Cartoons To Get You In The Mood For Halloween

So cute it hurts.

Do you ever wonder what animals do for Halloween? Liz Climo has an idea.

The former Simpsons cartoonist has been sharing smart, adorable animal cartoons for several years now, but her Halloween-themed strips are some of her most endearing and creative. Check out these very accurate portrayals of how Halloween and friendship goes down in the animal kingdom.


1. Humans are great costume ideas.

2. Minimalist costumes are always an option.

3. Just go with it.

4. It's better for the environment.

5. Always be ready to improvise.

6. Never stop being yourself.

7. Go all the way with those decorations.

8. It's OK if it takes people a second to realize what you are.

9. Group costumes are worth the extra coordinating.

10. Resourcefulness is key.

11. Help a friend out.

12. This can simply involve not eating them.

13. And always use that imagination.


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