23 Hilariously Honest Thoughts From Kindergarteners That Are Actually Kinda Deep

"I'll marry a penguin. I don't care."

Oh, kindergarten. Remember how brutally honest and curious you were? Not much has changed with today's four and five-year-olds. 

To prove it, one anonymous New York City kindergarten teacher created the Instagram account "Live From Snack Time!" With the help of a graphic designer, the teacher turned the inquisitive thoughts of kids in the classroom into amazing Instagram images; their thoughts range from the adorable to the funny to the just plain wise. 

The teacher's goal for the Instagram was not to mock the kids, but to show how wonderful childhood curiosity can be. Not to mention, some of these kids have some great advice.

"I take the questions very seriously, even if they sound very abstract or silly," she told Cosmopolitan. "The kids are trying to figure out the world around them. Some teachers might feel the crazy questions are attention-seeking, manipulative, or the class clown acting out, I feel they are genuine, real, curious." 

And seriously, we could all learn a thing or two from these guys. Just take a look. 


1. Solid excuse.

2. You never know!

3. One day...

4. No pressure.

5. Building vocabulary.

6. I have now.

7. It's a good day.

8. Trying this.

9. Disinfecting is important.

10. Welcome.

12. Same.

13. I would never.

14. Me too.

15. Never leave home without it.

16. Way to be!

17. We all have these days.

18. The best advice.

19. That's one way to fix the problem.

20. Maybe another time.

21. The best things in life are free.

22. We sure do!

23. At least it's somewhere.

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