Little Miss Flint Is Ready To March This Weekend, And She Wants You To Join Her

"We deserve better!"

Little Miss Flint is marching for what she believes in, and she wants you to join her.

Nine-year-old Amariyanna "Mari" Copeny made headlines last year when she wrote a letter to President Obama asking to meet with him to address the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Mich., her hometown. Obama responded by traveling to Flint and giving Mari an instantly iconic hug.

Since then, Mari has continued to fight for her city, which has now been without clean water for three years. Earlier this year, she acted as a youth ambassador for the Women's March on Washington. Just last weekend, she returned to D.C. to deliver a speech at the March for Science, where she reminded the crowd that more than 8,000 Flint residents under age 6 have been exposed to lead: "When we don't believe in science, and especially when the government doesn't believe in science, kids get hurt."

Now Mari is taking her message to this weekend's People's Climate March, and you can join her.


Mari stars in a new video called "Little Miss Rambo," in which she prepares for the march by creating protest signs, painting her face, and donning a headband bearing the message "RESIST." 

"I march for my brother and sister. I march for the world. I march for America. I march for drinkable water," she says, and sips from a plastic water bottle. "We deserve better!"

The video, which was shot in Mari's real home, was produced by the companies Purpose and Footage Films.

The People's Climate March takes place this Saturday, April 29, in Washington, D.C., with sister marches happening around the country. The march first took place in New York City in September 2014, two days before the U.N. Climate Summit, with 400,000 people demanding action on climate change. The People's Climate Movement is now directing its attention to President Trump, who recently signed an executive order to roll back climate change regulations.

"Pushing back against the Trump agenda and at the same time pushing forward on our vision of a clean, safe world where the rights of all people are protected and expanded means we all must work together," the PCM states on its website.

Watch Little Miss Flint get ready to march in the video below:


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