Girl Turns Into Real-Life Ariel For The Disney-Inspired Fantasy Wedding

Living a fairy tale, even if just for one day.

All of Disney's stories end with the "lived happily ever after" quote. But few of them mention what a fine bash the newlywed princes and princesses had for their wedding ball.

Captivated by this fantasy, the creative people behind Mark Brook Photography and Mathieu Photo have created "The Little Mermaid"-themed fantasy wedding photo shoot. 

Point proven: it would look disneylicious!


The faux wedding idea was initiated by Your Cloud Parade, the first online wedding marketplace for soon-to-be-married couples.

"Many children dream of their future wedding, and most of our romantic notions about love come from childhood dreaming with a cast of fairy tale characters. In the spirit of that romantic nostalgia, we are excited to share this amazing fantasy photo shoot," Candice Becklund of Your Cloud Parade said about the project.

Even the most minuscule details were handled with attention and creativity. Starting from the watercolor invites...

To the ocean-themed delicacies and even the bridesmaid's accessories.

All of the "wedding bucket list" props were arranged by a team of professionals, including shoot designer Cloud Parade's Lauren Coats, hair and makeup artists of 10.11 Makeup, Sweet and Saucy Shop who made all the delicious desserts and A Blooming Bud florist responsible for all the wedding blooms.

The bride, who was perfectly acted out by singer and designer Traci Hines, adorned a poppy red hairdo and a dip-dyed gown.

Traci completed her looks by adding some ocean-themed accessories.

Like a coral flower crown and even a dinglehopper.

The groom, a.k.a Prince Eric, was modeled by Leo Camacho and also spruced himself up with some underwater colors.

According to Your Cloud Parade, the goal of the photo shoot was to turn this widely known Disney couple into a pair of adorable modern hipsters.

We think Traci and Leo accurately depict the goofy and whimsical characters behind Ariel and Prince Eric.

Ariel back in her element.

Put that ring on it!

Happy bridesmaids getting their tu-tus wet.

"And they lived happily ever after..."

Produced by: Your Cloud Parade | Designed by Your Cloud Parade's: Lauren Coats 
Videography: Sweet T Studios | Photography: Mark Brooke Photography, Mathieu Photo, Dillon Phommasa Photo
Hair & Makeup: 10.11 Makeup | Cake & Desserts: Sweet and Saucy Shop | Florist: A Blooming Bud | Silk Floral: Afloral

Your Cloud Parade Vendors: Bridal Gown | Hair Pieces | Paper Goods | Tablescape | Bow Tie | Plaid Skirts | Shell Stir Sticks | Geometric Planters | Air Plants | Wands & Streamers | Shell Crop Tops: Adorkable Apparel | Shell Rings: Siren's Grotto | Tulle Skirts: Dark Pony Designs.

Bride: Traci Hines | Groom: Leo Camacho 
Mer-sister Bridesmaids (models): Charis LincolnBrytni JeanVanessa WaltonHelena LevinJoanna LynnAmber Arden.

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