Little Kids Shine Bright Belting Out Rihanna's 'Diamonds' On NYC Subway

They made everyone's commute better.

Commuting is already the worst and sometimes, your fellow straphangers seem to go out of their way to make it just a little more annoying. Such as when they decide that everyone needs to hear the music that's pumping through their headphones.

That is what happened during Yiska Obadia's commute on the 1 train Monday. "A few of us strangers on the train were being grumpy about the loud music," the Manhattan-based doula, said. 

"Until the kids transformed the experience," she added.

The kids, recognizing the song blaring from the rude commuter's headphones, started singing along, much to the delight of everyone aboard. "It was such a great moment. The whole subway car went from midday doldrums to giddiness and smiles," Obadia commented. 

Watch it and check out the joy for yourself. (The fun really gets started at around :11.)


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