The Beautifully Funny Wisdom Of Children... Captured On Instagram

These are perfect.

Children often say some incredibly startling, funny, and wise things.


The shame is that unless we're constantly armed with a pen and paper, we can't always capture those moments of spontaneous brilliance that come from kids. Well, that's recently changed, thanks to a new app called LittleHoots.

LittleHoots is the brainchild of Lacey Ellis who, according to The Huffington Post, was inspired to create the app to capture the things her then-3-year-old son said.

"(Children) see the world through innocent eyes and have a beautifully refreshing perspective on the world," Ellis told The Huffington Post. "I think it has made me realize even more how important it is to listen to our kids and to take time to capture those little moments. It's the little everyday things that should be celebrated."

Here are some of our favorites, culled from the Little Hoots Instagram account.

1. It's things like this that make adults wonder about reincarnation.

2. Gratitude... 6-year-old style.

3. Yes. And she's a parent's very special friend.

4. Rebel hearts forever.

5. Prescription? More bananas.

6. Every day brings that potential for joy if we're open to it.

7. Lawyer up, mom.

8. We understand the need.

9. Appreciate the beauty of creation.

10. Well, we hope not.

11. Try to hold onto that.

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