Little Girls Prepare Women For Their First Dates And They Certainly Aren't Shy With Makeup

You better be taking notes.

There's nothing like getting ready with your girls, right? 

Well, this time around, Cosmopolitan asked actual girls — aged 5 and 6 — to help three grown ladies get ready for their first dates. We're talking both doing makeup and giving some serious dating tips.

You just wait for it. These little nuggets drop some serious bombs of wisdom. All while applying a whole lot of blush.

Scroll down to find what these little girls advised on a whole lot of topics.


On outfits:

"You should not wear something itchy."

On food:

"Get a steak and mashed potatoes."

On Googling your date beforehand:

"That's kind of ridiculous."

On kissing:

"You do whatever you want."

On taking a selfie with your date:

"Tsss. Of course."

Make sure to watch the entire video below. 

These little nuggets know what's up. Not to mention those quite literally jaw-dropping makeovers.

(H/T: Cosmpolitan)

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