Little Girls Give Grown Women The Texting Advice They Need To Hear

"Do you guys know what ghosting is?"

Last month, we shared Cosmopolitan's adorable video where three little girls gave men the texting tips they desperately needed. Well, those three little girls are back, but this time, they're doling out advice to grown women. 

Lulu and Nina, 5, and Judith, 6, sit on a tufted bright pink couch right next to the woman they're advising. The first question the girls receive seems like a no-brainer for them. 


“Is it possible to find a good guy anymore?” one woman asks.

"Nooooooooooo," Judith responds immediately.  

Straight to the point. Alright then! Up next, they are asked why a guy would text really late at night. The girls have different ideas about this one. 

Lulu thinks it could mean he likes her, but Nina thinks he was just sleeping. 

"He's a sleepyhead," Judith says.

She's probably right. 

Next, one woman wants to know what to do if you had a good time with a guy, but then never heard from him again. Nina has a flawless solution. 

"I think that you guys should go to a pizza store," she says. "Who doesn’t like pizza?"

Good point. Who can argue with that one? 

While some of their advice may be a bit silly, these little ones actually send a very helpful message: that thinking about texting in simpler terms (like a child) can help ease anxiety that comes with talking to someone new. And perhaps we shouldn't spend so much time mulling over texts and responses, but rather just say what we're feeling, straight off — like, "Wanna get some pizza?" 'Cuz, honestly, who doesn't love pizza? 

To hear what these girls think ghosting is, when you should send a guy selfies and what to do if he isn't texting you back, check out the whole adorable video below:

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