This Softball Team Proves That Little Girls Can Be Princesses And Kick-Butt Athletes

Don't judge a book by it's cover!

If you think princesses can't be athletes, think again, because a little girls' softball team is kicking (or hitting, rather) that stereotype to the curb.

The team formed after a few of the girls' moms, including Oklahoma-based photographer Betsy Gregory, began chatting during their daughters' dance practice. They joked about starting a Frozen-themed team as their kids are all serious fans of the movie. But soon, that "joke" would become a reality. The parents decided to follow through with the idea, and recruited coaches to lead the team and brainstormed uniform ideas.

And thus, team "Freeze" was born.

The girls, between 4 and 5 years old, played girls as old as 7 and still held their own, Gregory told A Plus.

All throughout the season, however, Gregory's Frozen uniform idea began to grow until she couldn't resist. She had the parents dress the girls up in their Elsa dress, which of course they all had, and took a bad*ss shot with them on the field, holding their gear.


With their 'game faces' on point, these little girls unknowingly shot down anyone who doesn't think girly is tough.

Gregory hopes it stays that way.

'They like to play dress up, dance, dream, imagine and get a little dirty in the midst of it all!' she told A Plus. 'They have no idea what their photo has done and that is just the way we want to keep it.'

For more of Betsy Gregory's work, check out her Facebook page.


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