Little Girl Is More Excited About Her Daddy Coming Home Than Anything Else In This World

You can tell this is the best part of her day.

These are definitely two of the cutest videos we've ever shown. YouTuber Aubrei Gines posted them to show how much her daughter Sky loves her daddy. Hint: A whole lot. Especially when she's waiting for him to come home. 

When he does, he gets a hero's welcome.


She hardly lets him leave for work, either.

It's nice to see these little moments taking place in people's lives. They serve as reminders to treasure the people we care for: the people who populate our lives in ways that we might sometimes take for granted.

Your job after you watch these videos today is to find your inner Sky: find someone who makes you this ecstatically happy and let them know.

You can see more of Sky on her mom's YouTube channel.

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