Little Girl Playing Every Instrument Sound In 'Back To The Future' Theme Is The Definition Of Epic

Wow... just... wow.

In a video uploaded to Reddit by user SyrioForel, a little girl is seen playing an electone, which SyrioForel describes as an "electronic organ made by Yamaha." Her incredible skills are showcased in a performance of the Back to the Future theme song, as she inputs each instrument's sound and plays all the notes. 


Watch the video here, and be prepared to be blown away:

It's unclear if any of the sounds are pre-recorded. As one Redditor suggests "she is playing most of it, but some of the percussion and smaller parts are clearly being played by a 'click track' that she is playing over [the] top of [it]." 

Either way, her skills are massively impressive. 

And almost as good as the performance itself are the comments on her video. "Is it true the power draw from the keyboard is only 1.21 Jigowatts [sic]?" kids one Redditor. 

"Wow wtf ?? When I grow up, I want to be a little girl just like her," says a YouTuber. 

Yup. We hope to grow up to be this little girl, too. 


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