Adorable Tiny Human Mistakes A Water Heater For A Robot, And Our Hearts Can't Handle It

"I wuv you, wobot."

Rayna may be small, but her heart is so, so big. 

In a short, but painfully adorable 24-second clip, the little girl shows us how to greet strangers and make new friends. 

Rayna is out for a walk with whoever filmed this priceless moment and sees a robot standing alone by the curb. You'll notice this "robot" is actually a discarded water heater, but we've all anthropomorphized weird things, so let's let her have this one, OK?

She looks up at what she thinks is its face and says, "Hi wobot!" over and over, waiting for it to respond. She even gives an enthusiastic wave. Rayna inches closer, spreading her tiny arms around the robot and then the moment that makes all of our hearts melt happens. 

"I wuv you, wobot. I wuv you, wobot."

Watch it over and over in the video below. 



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