Charming Little Girl Mistakes Bride For The Princess From Her Favorite Book

This is so precious.

Some little girls mistake water heaters on the street for real-life robots. Others think "root beer" is the name of a day of the week. But each confused tiny human is adorable in their own way. 

Most recently, a little girl in Seattle made a mistake that was too cute. She spotted a woman in a wedding gown on the street and thought she was a real-life princess. The bride, Shandace Lerma, stopped in the middle of her bridal photo shoot to meet her.  

"My wife and I got married last February, and during the photo shoot this little girl and her mom happened to be walking by. The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she's holding)," Scott Robertson wrote on Imgur

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The book is Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White, which is considered to be among the first mystery novels. The woman on the cover looks a bit like a princess, though she actually isn't one in the novel. Her long flowing hair and gown is enough to make any little girl think otherwise, however. 

"I like old dead British writers, so I have a lot of them, and she just loves the cover,"  So naturally, we carried it around with us for a week on end," the little girl's mom, who asked to remain anonymous, told Buzzfeed. "It was her princess book, and she would sit and pretend to read it."

Although the girl hasn't actually read the story, it's clear the book is important enough to her that she carries it around. And her reaction to seeing Lerma in her wedding gown is pretty damn adorable. She thought so too. So much so that she gave her one of the flowers from her bouquet. 

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We love that she took the time out of her special day to make someone else's day special, too.

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