Mom Is Blown Away When She Learns Her Daughter Brightened These Train Conductors' Days For Years

"The visit today and their ongoing kindness to my daughter has reaffirmed my faith in goodness and humanity."

Sometimes, the simplest kind gesture can make the biggest positive impact on someone else's life without you even realizing it. Briana Hefley Shepard recently learned this firsthand. About three years ago, Shepard moved her family business to a new location. The large windows that let in lots of light were also located directly across from the train tracks. Her young daughter loved watching all the locomotive action while staying with her mom at work. 

"It didn't take long for the conductors to notice her waving to them, and for them to return those waves," Shepard wrote in a post shared to the Love What Matters Facebook page. "As time progressed, it became their ritual. They'd blow their whistles, she'd run to the window, they'd open their windows, and everyone would wave and smile ear-to-ear. I teared up almost every single time."


A few weeks ago, however, her daughter stopped spending her days at the family business when her school year began. Like many other parents who are used to spending so much time with their children during the day, Shepard missed having her daughter around. 

"Her transition to daily school hit me a little harder than I was expecting, but it hit me the hardest the first day the train came when she wasn't there," she wrote. "They blew their whistles, they opened their windows, but I was the only one standing there just crying and weakly waving." 

The next day, she wanted to let the train conductors know that the little girl they'd seen waving from the window for the past three years wouldn't be around as much. She made a sign that simply said, "She started school."

"I heard the whistle, ran to the window, and held up my sign," Shepard wrote. "That was three weeks ago."

This morning, she heard a knock at the door and was surprised to find out it was one of the train conductors. He wanted to find out what happened to the little girl in the window. He wanted to make sure she was OK. They didn't get the message she had written on the sign.

"He was there to ask about the little girl with the blonde hair that waved to the trains," Shepard wrote. "Today, they'd had a short train, so they stopped down the tracks, walked to our building, and knocked on our door. Oh did I cry. They had seen my sign, but couldn't make out what it said. They had assumed she'd started school, but had to make sure. He said that her waves had made their days. For three years they'd shared these moments." 

She had no idea what a positive impact it had made on the locomotive workers, but she was so glad that one came over to tell her. Realizing this warmed her heart. 

"They want to do something for her; they miss her. He asked if they could send her something, to which I said of course! They are going to send her a birthday present in a few weeks," she wrote. "Witnessing their unconventional friendship over the past several years has been nothing short of magical. To know it impacted them just as much as it impacted us, fills me with love and hope. The visit today and their ongoing kindness to my daughter has reaffirmed my faith in goodness and humanity. These are moments we'll always remember."

The post has already been shared nearly 600 times in just a few hours and amassed over 7,400 reactions on Facebook. Many parents commented with their own children's similar experiences with people at work they often see throughout their days such as sanitary workers. Others shared how difficult the school transition was for them as well. Overall, people were moved by Shepard's story. 

"This is so sweet and a great reminder that no matter how small an action, a smile, a wave, a hello in passing, it can have a huge impact on someone," one commenter wrote. "We can't all do something big, but we can all do a small act of kindness everyday ... You never know the impact you can have on someone."


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