It's An Internet Meltdown. Is This Girl Underwater Or Jumping Into It?

Somebody... halp!

This photo is causing quite the stir around the internet. It has been viewed over 4 million times on Imgur and people are really, really confused.


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We simply can't tell if she's jumping into water or if she is in fact underwater.

It looks like bubbles are coming out of her nose, which would suggest she is in the water. But the splash makes it look like she is jumping into the water.

It's being called "Waterception" by some on Imgur and there are a few theories as to what is actually going on in this photo.

Some people on had a couple of ideas and we think they are onto something here. Let's break this down.

Exhibit A - Her ponytail looks dry and isn't floating around, as it would in water.

This is true, it looks dry and still. It doesn't look like her head is submerged.

Exhibit B - The "bubbles" are in fact "water droplets" that are being splashed up.

Yea, the more we look at it, the more it seems as though those are in fact droplets that are being splashed up and not air bubbles.

Exhibit C - An added filter on Instagram is creating an optical illusion, blurring the foreground and background, thus making it seem as though she is underwater.

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While people on Reddit may never decide, we have come to the conclusion that she is in fact jumping into the shallow end of a pool. Case solved!

Or not.

Oh summer, how we miss you already.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in comments below.


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