Hilarious Little Girl Attempts To Flirt, And Her Frustration Is All Of Us

"And all I get back is one, one, fake smile."


Ah, the art of flirting. It isn't easy, and sometimes wires are crossed.

In a video uploaded to Break's Facebook page, a little girl named Ella describes her attempts to flirt with a boy at school. 

First, the camera holder asks Ella if a certain boy at school likes her. 

"He said 50/50," she responds, calmly.

But then things take a turn.

"I dress cute! I smile at him! I even winked at him!" she yells, filled with frustration. "Two times. And all I get back is one, one, fake smile!"

The hilarious — and, let's face it — incredibly relatable video has already reached over 21 million views, with viewers commenting their own flirting fails.

"Girl, I get you. I flirted with a boy in [seventh] grade, called him often, gave him candy, and NOTHING. [Six] years later he asked me to prom," one person shares. 

So listen, while things might not be going the way you want them to right now, hang in there — and don't worry about one person's opinion. They probably don't deserve you anyway.


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