This Flower Girl Has A Serious Talk With Her Dad So He Doesn't Embarrass Her During The Ceremony

"You do not understand weddings. At all."

Remember JoJo Lomelino, the little girl who insists she is not a princess? She's back in a brand new video. This time, she's a flower girl who is nothing but serious about this important role. She knows exactly what she's supposed to do, but there's only one problem: she doesn't want her dad to embarrass her.

Rather than take the risk that her father will commit an epic faux pas during the ceremony, she sits him down and tells him what he needs to do.


"You don't know what weddings look like," JoJo told her dad, establishing a baseline for her father's ignorance of what to do during the ceremony.

She explains to her dad that he can't call her name to get her attention while she's spreading around the flower petals because she'll be busy walking down the aisle. She also preps him for the fact that he'll see some other familiar faces in the ceremony too and needs to control himself.

Dad tries to find a loophole in JoJo's rules, asking if he can say "Princess" to get her attention. Not only did she explicitly tell him in a previous video not to call her that, but she's clearly annoyed he isn't getting it.

"There's going to be a bunch of people sitting, and they're just gonna hear us. And they're gonna be like 'Why would you do that? That's a dumb person.'"

She went on to try to elaborate the point, but it all boiled down to one cold, hard fact:

"You do not understand weddings. At all." JoJo is clearly done explaining things.

Listen to JoJo tell her dad what's good in this oh-so-sassy video:

Dads, right?!

[All images via: JoJo Lomelino]

[H/T: Mashable]


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