This Little Girl With Cancer Got A Present From A Kind Boy

9-year-old Keaton wanted to make this little girl's day.

Sharing is an important thing for kids to learn, and 9-year-old Keaton Hamin really took that lesson to heart.

Keaton's instinct to help others came to light when he met 7-year-old Alyx Delaloye, who is living with Leukemia. Alyx recently went to a Winnipeg Jets game with her family and caught the attention of the jumbo screen with her sign that read, "Chemo by Day, Jets by Night." 

The team invited her back for another game, where she noticed a boy a few rows down from her with a hockey stick signed by Jet's player Tyler Myers. The boy was Keaton, who had recently won the signed stick at a game. Alyx ran down to see the stick, and Keaton followed her back to her seat to give her a present she won't soon forget.

Keaton gave Alyx the signed stick, telling CBC "Right away my instinct knew that I had to give it to Alyx. I felt bad for her that she had cancer and I wanted to give her a little support."

Don't worry about Keaton, though. The team gave him another stick to replace the one that he gave Alyx. 


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