Listen: Selena Gomez's New Song 'Good For You' feat. A$AP Rocky

This is a version of the Disney star you've never heard before.

Well, this is an unlikely combination: former Disney Channel star Selena Gomez has teamed up with A$AP Rocky — and they sound great together. "Good For You," feat. A$AP Rocky, Gomez's newest song, is the first single off her upcoming second album, which doesn't yet have a title or a release date. The sultry track is more grown-up than her previous work — which makes sense, considering that many of the kids who watched her star on Wizards of Waverly Place from 2007 to 2012 are now in college. It's also a consistent follow-up to her last album, Stars Dance, and to her role in Spring Breakers.

"Good For You" has a spare, electronic sound accompanied by snaps and Gomez's silky, sexy singing. She tells the listener, "Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight," and "Leave this dress a mess on the floor / And still look good for you." Rocky has one verse, during which he raps about similar themes. The full audio version of the song is now available on YouTube and Vimeo, and Gomez also released the first 33 seconds of the song's accompanying music video, which you can watch below. In the video, the singer addresses the camera straight on while lying on two different couches.

You can watch the teaser below, then listen to the entire song.


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