This List Of Common Insecurities Shows We All Share Fears And Anxieties

And that we're not alone.

Confidence doesn't always come easy. In fact, most of us have a whole list of insecurities we can point to, and even the most outgoing and self-assured people may feel insecure deep down. Whether they feel insecure about their looks or they feel insecure about relationships, everyone's battling one of more personal insecurities even if they appear to be poised. 

Yet, our inadequacies make us human and, through these so-called weaknesses, we often find strength in one another through shared experiences. To find out what common insecurities people struggle with, Reddit user gimiltock asked the online community, "Reddit, what are your insecurities?" 

Their answers demonstrate that, for the most part, we are all struggling with similar fears and anxieties about ourselves, but that we can get past those insecurities once we realize we're not alone in those feelings. 


1. Everyone trips over their tongue now and then.

2. Many feel their friends and family only love them out of pity.

3. Some are convinced that people find them annoying and don't want them around.

4. Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves ...

5. ... and many live in fear that they'll disappoint the ones they love most.

6. It's easy to get jealous of those who have the personality we desire.

7. Some people can narrow down their insecurities to one specific attribute ...

8. ... while others are wary of every little thing they do or say.

9. Everyone worries that they'll end up alone at some point in life.

10. Deep down, we all worry that our existence will quickly be forgotten once we're gone.

By recognizing the similarities that exist below the surface, we can all begin to change the world through simple acts of kindness. Keep your personal insecurities in mind when engaging others. You might not know what struggles someone's facing at the moment, but by taking the time to consider their perspective, you can actively treat them with the care and concern you'd want others to show you.

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