She's 88 And She Doesn't Have Sex, But The Reason She Doesn't Care Is Beyond Inspiring


The What's Underneath Project was founded by Elisa Goodkind and her daughter Lily Mandelbaum for their website StyleLikeU. It's a series of docu-style videos to illustrate the concept of "style" in a different way than ever before. Lily told A+ that this project defines style as a person's spirit, essence and confidence. 

Her mother always said, "you can be naked and have style." 

That's why Lisl Steiner gradually removes items of clothing in front of a camera as she describes life the way she sees it. 


She's 87 years old but prefers to tell people she's 88. She doesn't want to look younger or be younger. She wants to be one year ahead. 

Later on in her interview, when asked, "What was your greatest achievement?"

She responds, with a chuckle, "To become 88." 


"Wouldn’t it be nice if every spring we would look better? Just like leaves falling in the fall, everything is dead. And then, spring, and all is beautiful and new. That would be lovely but it doesn’t happen."

"I have a solution for world peace," she says. "I would take the Queen Elizabeth, put every politician on it, and sink it in the Atlantic."

She then takes her purse off and drops it with a loud THUD. 

Lisl throws the word bullshit around pretty frequently in her analysis of medicine, society and even Facebook. 

"Right now I have hundreds of people who would like to get me on the f*cking Facebook," she says. "I can't answer all these people who want to be my friends. I haven't figured it out yet. I wrote a letter to this creepy owner and he hasn't answered."

Her interviewer interrupts, "Mark Zuckerberg?"

"Yea, yea, yea I wrote him," Lisl answers. 

With every article of clothing removed, Lisl exposes more and more of her body and soul. But really she's an open book throughout the entirety of the interview because she has absolutely no inhibitions. 

When she takes off her dress, she touches her chest. Her breasts aren't there anymore, and it's clear they have been removed. We come to see the physical evidence of a particularly significant event on Lisl's timeline. 

Breast cancer. 

"They didn't do a good job here but I don't care. This is me," she says. "I don't have any pain and I don't show them to anybody, really." 

Perhaps the most poignant moment in Lisl's interview is when she is asked what makes her feel the most vulnerable. 

Her answer: "I don't feel vulnerable." 

Watch Lisl's interview in full. Her essence and spirit are pretty fabulous, and her personality is stylish enough to be featured on the cover of Vogue.


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