By Donating Leftover Food From His Wedding, Lionel Messi Paid It Forward And Spread The Love


Lionel Messi and new wife Antonella Roccuzzo turned their wedding day into a way to give back to the community. From what they told their guests to do in lieu of gifts to donating all of the leftover food, this couple proved that you can turn even a grand occasion into an opportunity to pay it forward.


The soccer superstar and his childhood sweetheart tied the knot on June 30 with 260 guests — including friends, family, and some of Messi's teammates — present in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina. While the spotlight was on them, they made sure to share the moment.

The 30-year-olds first asked their guests to donate to Techo, a nonprofit based in Latin America that helps families there and in the Caribbean who live in extreme poverty. The organization has not revealed how much was raised by the wedding, according to La Capital (via ESPN).

"They [Messi and Roccuzzo] gave us the freedom to decide where to spend the money because they know our programs and that it will be used to give continuity to those projects," Florencia Drucker, the communications director for Techo, told the outlet.

On top of that the couple took their leftovers and donated them to Rosario Food Bank, which is a big deal in relation to food waste in the world. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is either lost or wasted each year. That amounts to approximately 1.3 billion tons. It's unclear exactly how much food was left over in the end, but snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks were handed over after the ceremony.

"For us any type of donation is very well received and to be honest, we are very happy that they took us into consideration," Nadia Nazer, president of Rosario Food Bank, told La Capital (via Inside Edition). "We told them that we had to exchange the alcoholic beverages for money as we cannot give them to institutions. We have friends who own bars and they buy them from us and that allows us to transform it into money as a donation to the food bank."

This isn't a surprising thing for Messi and his lady love to have done. After all, he has the Leo Messi Foundation, which aims to provide all kinds of help to his hometown and he has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since March 2010.

Cover image via antoroccuzzo88 / Instagram


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